Lancaster Street Style at City Hall Gallery

I'm happy to post that my first exhibition, Lancaster Street Style, is currently hanging on the walls of the City Hall Gallery in Lancaster, PA. 

I would like to thank God, all who supported me, all who participated, and Lancaster Public Art for making this amazing opportunity happen!

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‚ÄúThis collection showcases the charm of a historic city and what the stylish people who reside in it have to offer. 

Style is the flow of influence. The sharing of idea. The participation, admiration, and universality that the world of fashion demands. Style is so cultivated and expressed as a chain of events moving from one imagination to another. From a designer, to model. and in this instance, to the captured image. And now that you are her it is my hope that something from this installation continues through that chain to you. 

In one way, Lancaster Street Style was born simply from the blending of personal interest and the celebration of self expression. But more specifically, this installation bloomed out of the ever-changing circumstances of life, the support of generous and kind people, the instincts of observation through an eye that matured through transitions from Brooklyn to Southern Minnesota then back east to my new home, the influence I can get from just taking a walk around this incredible town. 

The architecture of vibrant homes and historic buildings provide not only the stunning backdrops of these photographs but also a special atmosphere. And the spirit that makes this city buzz with life are the subjects of these images. They bring this energy into their style creating a unique force, one that I was happy to admire."