"Out of thin air, out of light, in the gap between moments, she grabs things just like that" -From DANCE,DANCE,DANCE BY Haruki Murakami

Seijo is a Pennsylvania-based Brooklyn native. She has photographed events in New York City and Philadelphia under the moniker “La Seijo shot me” and was the photographer for the Native American Literature Symposium during her three years in Minnesota.  

Published work include: The Blue Earth Review, Laconic Literary Journal, New Paltz Oracle, Lens Scratch, CAIRNS, (b)OINK

Lina’s photos were featured in the 2016 Curated Fridge Show and awarded second place in the 410 Project’s 2015 juried show (selected by artist Keren Kroul). Her series Lancaster Street Style was on exhibit at The City Hall Gallery in Lancaster,PA.

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