Lancaster Street Style 8/2

-Madi Janz

Lancaster Street Style 7/21

-Katie Seifarth

Lanc Street Style 7/13

Salina & Oz

La Turner St.

Allentown, PA

For Mod Evil

I had the pleasure of shooting for Mod Evil jewelry the work of Anya Weitzman.  Check out more of her jewelry at Mod Evil.

Jewelry by Anya Weitzman
Model: Arielle Gascot

Lanc Street Style 7/1


Lanc Street Style 6/28

Fashion is a form of creative self-expression and I consider my style eclectic: I like mixing pattern, color, vintage, modern, thrifted, and boutique. Fashion rules? I say break them!

- Alicia

Be sure to check out Telltale Dress

Lanc Street Style 6/27

One day I’ll look like an alien space babe, the next day like Jane Porter from Tarzan . Bright colors, vintage finds, outlandish strange, and a lot of times wacky.


Powerful & Genuine

Nivia H. <3

Lanc Street Style - 6/10

Nikki and Precious

Lanc Street Style - 6/10

Nikki Weems

Lancaster nights

Anya and Bones

Lanc Street Style - 5/20/17

““Fashion is a skill of nonverbal communication. I tend to communicate that I’m a goth Pokémon trainer trying to capture every Batman in the D.C. Multiverse. I like to wear gender neutral clothes because I find them most comfortable, and I like to wear Star Wars t shirts so that maybe someone talks to me about Star Wars”

-Anya Weitzman